Project located north of the city, in one of the most prestigious commercial and business sectors of the city of Cali (Centro Comerical Chipichape), in the initial stage plans to expand the parking capacity through the construction of double basements and the structure for the building of parking lots, commercial stores for Alkatronix, construction of new cinemas and the food court of Cine Colombia. The excavation carried out by Cobicivil SAS to our client Latco SA from a technical point of view is perhaps one of the most complex stages of the project because the intervened area is interrupted by networks (sanitary, hydraulic, electrical – plants and buried substations, fiber optics, high voltage, telephony, internet, video cameras and gases) of which many are still in operation and also do not have plans of their location. Which made the excavation limited because of the caution necessary to cause as little damage as possible in the active networks. It is worth mentioning that the most important obstacle of the project is the Box Coulvert that captures the rainwater of the entire area, including surrounding neighborhoods and crosses along the B axis of the project.

    The construction process of the perimeter containment for the basement is made through cast walls that are excavated and melted 12 meters deep. Piles are also built in front of those, to make the subsequent propping. Once the cast walls are piles have melted, the excavation begins to N-3.60, then the N 0.0 propping beams and those that tie the piles are fused, when the bracing of this level is achieved, the excavation continues up to N – 7.60 which is the basement level, the bracing beams N -3.60 are fused again and the excavation of the foundation (footings) beings. It should be noted that according to the constructive system of cast walls and piles, the excavation is undertaken first by perimeter and then the core is removed, unlike other conventional excavations with perimeter retaining walls system that work in cantilever.


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