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24 de April de 2019

Smart buildings in Colombia

The healthcare provider institute "Siloé" Cali

The healthcare provider institute ´Siloé´in Cali has a system of solar panels on its terrace, a rainwater collection system and a drone that flies blood samples from the healthcare provider institute ‘Cañaveralejo’ Additionally it’s earthquake resistant, its investment exceeded 22, 000 million (pesos)

The founding block of ‘Universidad Autónoma de Manizales’ has two smart buildings that are friendly towards the environment. It is the first university construction in the country with a base isolation system for earthquake resistance. During the construction stage other aspects of environmental conservation were the absence of exterior paints, the collection of rain to supply sanitary and water gardens and LEDS for lighting.

In the main auditorium, temperature regulation is achieved through two factors. First, the 400 square meters of green terraces above the auditorium, reduces the direct impact of the solar rays, lowering 2 degrees centigrade the thermometer. Second, a system of openings that circulate the air based on the principles of physics. The first building cost 11,500 million (pesos) and the second, 5,600 million (pesos)

In Villavicencio, the government building, an eight story, 12,200 square-meter infrastructure, has an uninterrupted power supply system, precision air conditioners, card access control system, humidity sensors and temperature, rainwater harvesting plus an environmental monitoring system. The rainwater is pumped for the use of the bathrooms, which saves water consumption for at least 8 months a year.

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