ACS consolidates its expansion in the United States, Europe and Australia.

The ACS group “Is a global benchmark in construction and services activities. A group that participates in the development of key sectors for the economy such as infrastructure and energy. A company committed to the economic and social progress of the countries in which they are present”

Although it is a Spanish company, they are operating in the United States, Australia and Europe.

It was consolidated from a group of several companies focused on construction and services for example: Cobra Group, Etra, SEMI, MAESSA, IMESAPI, EYRA, CYMI, Dragados Offshore, Massa Group, Intecsa Industrial, INITEC Energy, SICE, Makiber and Electren SA all these companies help in their international expansion.

They presented the results of their company in 2018, they obtained a net profit of 915 million euros, growing by 14.1% and generating 1,959 million euros of gross funds from operations, an increase of 17.2% compared to the previous year. Additionally, they counted on a debt reduction in more than 9,300 million euros, until they reached a net cash position in 2018.

Fun facts:                                                                  

The ACS group, for the seventh consecutive year, leads the ranking of the world´s largest international engineering and construction company according to the ENR magazine.

For 12 years they have maintained a leadership position in the infrastructure development sector according to Public Works Financing magazine.

Specifically, the group has 91 concession assets, of which close to 75% are in operation. The investment in these projects by the group amounts to 1,291 million euros of which they´ve already disbursed approximately two thirds.

The competitive position in the energy infrastructure sector is evident in its portfolio of assets in renewable energy, transmission lines, desalination projects, irrigation and water purification.

The contribution of ACS exceeds 1,600 million euros, 800 million have already been invested. The portfolio has more than 150 projects for 230,000 million euros to develop over the next 4 years. 90% of these projects are transport infrastructure and 10% of social infrastructure.

According to geographical areas: 35% of that portfolio is located in the United States, 20% in Canada, 25% in Australia and 20% in Europe.

Projects in 2019:

  • New Tunnel of the Hampton Roads in Virgina, United States with a value of 3,000 million euros.
  • New Euston station in London for the high-speed train with a value of 2,000 million euros.
  • Design, construction and maintenance of a new regional rail transport network in the metropolitan area of Sydney, with a value of 760 million euros.



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