22 julio, 2019

Green walls: What are they and how can they help the future?

The concept remotes back to the late 30s, once a concept linked to science fiction. Patented first by Stanley Hart White in 1938 but Patrick Blanc, […]
5 septiembre, 2019

What is the «small house movement»?

Small spaces are a large phenomenon in Japan because of land scarcity and high property prices forcing architects and realtors to create houses and apartments in […]
10 septiembre, 2019

Global competition «Reinventing Cities»

C40 Cities connects more than 90 of the largest cities in the world, representing more than 650 million people and a quarter of the global economy. […]
16 septiembre, 2019

Bamboo, sustainable alternative

Bamboo is a fast-growing material that is renewable and easy to grow. It does not require chemicals or pesticides. Other benefits are that it absorbs greenhouse […]