6 mayo, 2019


Los Angeles, California Late 2019 in Los Angeles, inside the Saban Building will be built a space to reflect and discuss the impact and role of […]
13 mayo, 2019

Cinco finalistas del Premio Mies van der Rohe

También conocido como el Premio de Arquitectura contemporánea de la Unión Europea tiene como propósito reconocer y recompensar la calidad de la producción arquitectónica en Europa. […]
13 mayo, 2019

Five finalists of the Mies van der Rohe award

Also known as the Contemporary Architecture Prize of the European Union, its purpose is to recognize and reward the quality of architectural production in Europe. 1. […]
20 mayo, 2019

Architectural projects with better energy efficiency of 2018.

Made by Mitsubishi Electric, its fifth edition of «Three diamond awards» where they recognize the value of innovation in the use of renewable energies and the […]